So, over the years most everyone buys cars, some of us do it because it is a mode of transportation, and a smaller group of us do it because it is a passion.

I fit the latter group.

Why and how do I fit this group? I don't know. All I know is I enjoy driving, it is one of the things that I like, and well I guess I don't need much more of an excuse than that, much like my photography.

Here I will give a brief anthology of the life of my cars, from the beginning.

Car number 1 was an unassuming thing, and had I known its legendary status, I may have kept it, but life is what it is, and we go with what we know. So, anyway, car number 1 was a Datsun 510 my parents bought it new and passed it to my sister, and finally to me. I'll speak no more on it, as those of you that know what it is, well, you know, those of you that don't it can't be explained. needless to say, my parents had gotten me an excelent car as my first without even knowing it :)

Car number 2 was a very predictable car for anyone in highschool who wants a fun car that is easy to play with and will take a viscious beating, the car in question underpinned 97% of the first porsche, it was a bug. a 1974 superbeetle to be specific. The car had its quirks, such as it was easier to rip the engine out to change spark plugs than it was to do it in the car. If anyone asks, yes I was pulling engines from cars when I was 17 and nothing more than a pair of skateboards and a crappy floor jack.

Car number 3 technically was a chevy s10 blazer 4x4, but that was a dark time in my life, it was a fun truck, and I actually liked it a lot, but the engine was a dog and a half.

Car number 4 was the first car I bought, not just new to me, but new to the world. a 1997 acura integra gsr. It was a fun car, and it offered all I needed at the time. It handled well, had a goodly aftermarket supply, and I met some good people through it.

At this point I think I will discuss something a bit more than cars. The groups and people you meet. In this world of the interwebs and pipes there are vast discussion forums where anyone who has a like interest can congregate and meet other people with similar interests. I'm sure you all know about these, and in addition to being great locations for meeting people who have like interests, they are great places to learn and share informaiton. Oh and it is fun to make people you will never see look like complete idiots in front of peers.

Car number 5 was a Subaru Impreza WRX. This car, truely, was a great thing. Very durable, very user friendly, and gobs of fun to drive. Oh, and for the price it was unrivaled.

Car number 6, and what should be an indicator of how much I liked car number 5 is another Subaru Impreza WRX, this time a sedan, and as I look back on the history of cars owned by me, it is the first sedan I've ever owned. As of this writing (and possibly the last time I write for a long time) the car is brand new, still has the factory oil in it, but it is beyond a blast to drive, and why would someone get one of the same cars back to back? Well, it may have the same name, but it is an all new machine. it handles better, it has a bigger engine, and the interior feels different without being uncomfortably unsure. And yes, those are the same rims...

Anyhow, this is the story of my cars (so far), and a good one it is, I hope, well, if you've made it all the way down here it either is, or you are crazy.


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