Okay, so I have become a bit of a photographer in my time, I've got some pictures from a bunch of different trips I've been on, so check them out.

My first camera was a Canon Powershot G1, it was a great camera when I got it, and it worked very well for me for about 6 years, or so.

My second and current camera is a Olympus E330, I have turned out to be very pleased with it, and I have 4 lenses that I use regularly with it, a 7-14mm, a 14-54mm, a 45-150mm and a 30mm prime lens.

Keep checking back in here, every now and then I'll be adding photos I've already taken, and photos I haven't taken, and maybe even some photoshop stuff? who knows!!!

All of them I like, and I hope you like the photographs I've taken.


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