I have done some stupid things in my time, but none of them come close to me actually thinking I would maintain an actual website of my own. Here it is, I can't remember when the dead sea was sick, much less when I purchased my domain name and all that stuff. So, here I am trying to find words to use that will stand the test of time, and make it look like I haven't been slacking, but in fact keep it up to date with the times...

Don't expect regular updates. I unlike every other site out there will not blow smoke up your ass, and I will not give myself aspirations to update my site regularly (or at all). It will be updated when I feel like it, no sooner no later.

Now that all of that is out of the way, please feel free to look around at your leisure (whatever your pace, I assure you it won't change before you get a chance to finish). Keep coming back for more updates!!! rofl.

The primary purpose of ones site is to convey something. I'll be conveying mostly my photography for you. Just check under images and see what there is!

Also, check out the Driving section for the cars I've owned and driven in the past 10 years!


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