Bleh, I really don't know what I am going to put here that I will like for 4 or 5 years (roughly the length of time before I predict I will update this again), so I'll just put shit up here. enjoy.

Other than that, these links are to places that represent things I enjoy, so yeah, if you don't like them, you don't have to :-p

Photography first, no reason, just there first. This forum contains everything olympus as it pertains to the digital SLR. Ask any question, they'll shoot straight, olympus users are too nice (unless you ask them to wait for a new camera body) and too truthful.

Ever want a digital camera? Come here for the best reviews and the best flame wars between camera dorks.

I'll rep the Honda first, just because you got to save the best for last :-p best. forum. for. honda. ever. Visit the kills forum and search for some of my lawnmower

Now comes the subaru, you want to know anything about a subaru? you want to join one of the largest blogs in the world? Come on in, the waters luke warm.

WOW is Myspace for people that are too dorky to get a myspace. Yeah I play, but I also have a myspace.

You would think with 10 years of playing, and two North American Championship victories, multiple regional victories, and a few seconds and thirds in both that I would talk more about lasertag, but there isn't much to say, my best friends I've met through this game, and I continue to meet great people playing this kids game at a competitive level.

"This place is more fun than running naked through a vienna sausage factory" - Oscar Wilde


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